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How They Did It (Issue 18)

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Looking for your personal garden style? The three garden profiles in Garden Making No. 18 are illustrative of the personal thinking and experimentation that characterizes inspiring home gardens.

Each of the three profiles involves different circumstances:

  • Rural: A place to stop and unwind in Prince Edward Island
  • Suburban: Using foliage to create a colourful tapestry of texture and form
  • Urban: Combining old and new in a downtown Toronto backyard

The process of finding and considering which gardens to feature is influenced by our mission to inspire and inform you. We want to show how different situations have been interpreted. We then use our distinctive Garden Making style for the telling of the story of the garden – a question-and-answer format allows the people who made the garden to explain the influences on their gardening and the challenges encountered in creating their gardens. In their words, they tell “How they did it.”

We also try to mix it up commission respected writers for the articles. Also in the new issue:

  • Privacy matters: How to create a more secluded garden with style and substance, by Judith Adam
  • Edible hedges: How you can a barrier that yields berries, by Karen York
  • Plant combos: 8 blends of flowers for summer containers
  • Brugmansias: Tropical charmers for colour and fragrance, by Steven Biggs
  • Geraniums: Versatile scented suggestions, by Laura Langston
  • Dwarf lilacs: Perfect for small spaces
  • Bees: Tips to help these vital pollinators, by Lorraine Flanigan with photos by Janet Davis
  • Wildflowers: How to create beautiful wildflower boquets, by Miriam Goldberger
  • Cucumbers: Growing cool and refreshing cucumbers, by Patrick Lima

Published May 2014.