Plant Love (Issue 17)

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The evocative image of an unfurling sweet pea captures the magical appeal of plants in our lives.

There was debate about whether sweet peas or primroses should be on the cover, and there are some enchanting images of double primroses with the plant profile in this issue. Of course, this is our “sowing and growing” issue with:

  • 40+ new plants to consider for 2014
  • 8 special veggies that add flavour to your meals, by Niki Jabbour
  • easy-to-make hoop tunnels, also by Niki
  • guide to grow lights for seedlings and other plants, by Judith Adam

The garden profiles in this issue focus on:

  • enhancing a ravine setting in Toronto, by Lorraine Flanigan
  • a family garden of rescued plants on Vancouver Island, by Karen York


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Published February 2014.