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No. 13 _ Spring 2013

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Pansies and other colourful flowers sparkle in Garden Making No. 13. The line-up offers you:


  • Pretty, perfect pansies
  • 50 new plants for 2013
  • Miniature irises with big impact
  • A Victoria gardener’s passion for trilliums

Garden profiles

  • An urban prairie garden in Winnipeg
  • Passion for hostas in Sudbury, Ont.

Incredible edibles

  • Unbeatable beets
  • Ode to bok choy

Design & techniques

  • Designing with natural stone
  • The great pesticide debate
  • How to make soil blocks

Other articles

  • Hardy azaleas
  • Growing cardoons
  • Downsized mock oranges
  • A visit to William Dam Seeds
  • Measuring soil for containers

Published February 2013.