Easy to Grow Roses (Issue 14)

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If you want to find the best easy-to-grow roses for northern gardens, get Garden Making No. 14.

“Roses tug at a gardener’s heartstrings, but they can bring heartbreak if they don’t survive our winters,” says Garden Making Editor-in-chief Beckie Fox. “Our feature describes 43 Canadian-bred roses that are as beautiful as they are dependable.”


And if roses aren’t your passion, there are plenty of other plant temptations in the summer issue:

  • Easygoing container plants
  • A love for lavender
  • Excellent eggplants
  • Hardy haskaps
  • Edible flowers
  • Turfgrass alternatives
  • Downsized rubeckia

Design and techniques

  • Tall, columnar trees
  • Pondless waterfalls
  • Hand-held weeders
  • How to take great garden photographs
  • Figure-eight staking
  • Garden swings

Garden profiles

  • Rooms for growth in a Toronto garden
  • A gardening life well tended in New Brunswick
  • Garden railways

Published May 2013.