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No. 21 – Great Plants to Grow

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One of the thrills of making a garden is trying new plants, and we have lots of suggestions – both new plants for 2015 and reliable favourites.

This is Garden Making issue No. 21. The issue includes articles on:

  • A fascinating profile of the garden of Mary Gore in Toronto, whose inspiring and enthusiastic love of plants results in a ravine-side oasis in the city.
  • Flowering spring ephemerals make a brief appearance, but a very welcome one.
  • Easy-going panicle hydrangeas for multi-season interest.
  • Ornamental grasses that take centre stage in a garden thanks to their fine textures, arching forms and alluring shades of red, copper, gold and green.
  • Succulents that can be enjoyed year-round, indoors and out.
  • Our yearly roundup of tempting new plants available in 2015.
  • A list of reliable favourites – flowers, shrubs, trees and bulbs – recommended by gardening experts.
  • How to use pest predators as biological controls to feast on insect pests that plague your plants.
  • Handy pruning guide with a seasonal schedule.
  • Much more, including propagating hellebores and plants for hummingbirds.

Garden Making issue No. 21 – Great Plants to Grow – on its cover features digiplexis, a tender perennial.

Published February 2015.