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Bulbs & Blooms guide for spring and fall,(Issue 27)

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The Bulbs & Blooms issue (No. 27) of Garden Making is your guide to adding more colour to your garden at both the start and end of the growing season.  We help you select bulbs to plant in the fall so you can enjoy the colourful blooms next spring. And, we provide you with suggestions for 18 fall-blooming perennials as well as colourful shrubs to extend the show at the end of the gardening season. Included in this issue:

  • Ultimate Guide to Planting Spring Bulbs: 10 pages with charts for early, mid and late spring so you can choose bulbs based on the sequence of when they will bloom in the spring, including tulips, daffodils, crocus and more.
  • How to plant bulbs and care tips. 
  • Bulb FAQs: Answers to vexing bulb questions
  • On the Double: Delectable double tulips
  • Beloved bulbs: 15 gardeners share what's their favourite bulb
  • More to Love About Lilies: New developments in the world of lilies
  • Tweet Success: Attracting birds to your garden
  • Autumn Epilogue: 18 fall-blooming perennials and eight colourful shrubs to extend the season
  • Spring Sparklers: Dwarf daffodils
  • Bulb-Planting Tools: A rundown of helpful gear
  • Secrets of native bulbs
  • Maritime Mosaic: Profile of a gorgeous garden in Nova Scotia

Published August 2016